What is the best first message to receive in online dating?

Of the examples listed below, which first message is most likely to get a positive response from you? Do you have any examples?

There are obviously limitless possibilities for introductions, so I appreciate all who take the time to write in entries.

  • hey
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  • Hey, I'm [so-and-so] Want to talk sometime?
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  • Hey, I'm [so-and-so]. Nice to find someone else who likes [common interest] Want to talk sometime?
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  • You look amazing! I'd love to talk sometime.
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  • You look amazing! I'd love to talk sometime. Feel free to check out my profile.
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  • Hey there, are you a bachelors degree from pheonix university? Cause I'm totally pursuing you online from my couch.
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  • Other / See results / I'm a camel
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Most Helpful Girl

  • All of them are bad. Never ask if she wants to talk sometime, that's ridiculous and come across as insecure. Don't write something about her looks, that can come across as shallow and like it's all you care about. Don't write pickup lines, it's ridiculous. Don't write "hey" if you can't at least be bothered to write "Hey" (H is different), anyway don't write it it's boring.

    Yet if she thinks you're really attractive she'll respond almost no matter what you write. The opposite is true too, if she thinks you're ugly and she isn't interested she won't talk to you no matter what you write.

    • I agree.

      How should a guy message a girl who has virtually nothing but a profile picture, or should girls like that not be messaged?

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  • Of all the options, C would be most likely to get a response. Although I kinda hate the "want to talk sometime?" Rather than asking if she'd like to talk, why don't you just talk?


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