Was She Into Me?

I went to a local bar with some family friends last night. Our server was really cute. She acted very nervous and awkward. She was really nice and cool, though. She rarely made eye contact with me. One of my friends said, "Man.. she's nervous. Either she's new or she likes you." I got that vibe, too. I've never met a woman that hasn't acted shy or standoff-ish when I meet them. We were there for several hours. When we left i said, "How much you want for rent tonight?" She looked at me blankly and said, "Huh?" I said." We were here forever haha." She said, Oooh.. oh yeah.. you guys are fine. You have a good ni-one." And walked away. I was going to ask her out but it got too weird. I'm thinking about going up there in a few nights to sit down and talk to her again. Was she into but nervous... or just an awkward person?


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