My sister is insane?

I live with my mother (who is ok to live with, just the occasional nagging, but she is ''stable'' person when she is on her meds) and my older sister of 29 also lives with us... still. She has always been the problem child, she literally drived us insane growing, always being angry, aggresive, shouting, yelling, cursing, screaming, extreme disrespect, spoiled etc. We had to share a room, a very tiny room, my bro my young sis and i, while she got the huge room with the tv, own bed and basically treated like a princess. She is mentally ill (i first thought it was depression) but she has ome kind of disorder, she has not been active socially in YEARS, she hasn't worked in YEARS, she hasn't lived in YEARS, she never been in love or had sex for that matter, one basic degree, and lives in the house all day on the internet.

I haven't talked to her in 3 years, im 23 going to college and currently struggeling with money and getting my degree, my mother enables her and won't kick her out, this girl... is insane she always came with these insane theories and extremely paranoid aggresive to the point we all thought her truth was the truth while in fact it wasn't, she literally brainwashed us with her behavior, i dont talk to her now but sometimes i feel uncomfortable and feel this tension of her maybe... wanting to attack me or something, she is anti social and has social anxiety but still.. she acts weird sometimes, i can handle her and have every right to defend myself but i dont want to get down to her level and might end up in jail, i can't afford a house at the moment. What should i do? what kind of disorder does she have?


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  • this better be good if imma read all this.

    • she has depression. i lived a similar life until 28. my mom couldn't kick me out either. similar story to your sister. it's a lot easier to sit around and do nothing, than to do break the cycle for a better future.

      what she needs is a job. someone needs to give her one (family or close friend), because i doubt she'd care enough to polish a resume and excel during the interview... if she'd bother to look for a job in the first place.

      military is still a great option for her.

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  • This is crazy... sounds like my sister a little bit. (except, my sister is younger)

    Have you talked to your mom about it? At least, ask her if she agrees that your sister should maybe get assessed by a mental health professional. If not, I'm not sure I can suggest anything else. I think the most important thing, especially since you mentioned that you get the feeling that she wants to attack you, is to have her evaluated and/or diagnosed. From there, you can see what she needs, the specific medicine she needs to be put on, etc.

    • she won't attack me, but aybe she wll ''wake up'' and realize she has nothing to lose.. i pray to god everyday to protect me tho, and she uses the bible as her ''bait'' y kno crazypeople need an outlet, om won't accept her daughter is mentally ill... s

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