Omg I finally had a conversation with her!! What do you think?

Ok so finally i spoke to the girl at work I'm keen on last Friday at her Christmas party, we had a good 5 mins conversation she seemed very friendly and was sincerely nice. She was in a tipsy state so i let her go off have a good time with her friends, i didn't want to be a drainer.
She is soo beautiful!!

Monday comes and here I am thinking she'll either snob, not acknowledge me or remember me. Speaking of the devil i walk past her at work she SMILES AT ME!
we stop and have another 5 min chat about last Friday.
While she was talking she looks away horizontally for a second - is this a sign she is interested and was shy to keep eye contact?

Anyway i sent her a fb friendship request that night and she accepts within 5 min.
The following night (Tues) we fb message for a good 3-4 hrs, but not every minute of the whole time..

I haven't spoken to her since Tues and it's now Fri and she hasn't attempted to get in touch with me either..

I'm thinking i will message her Sunday evening (this should be a reasonable time frame from since we last spoke - Tues) asking how the weekend was and if she's keen on coffee/lunch during work on Monday.

Do you think she's keen?
Any helpful advice?


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  • You have to be lying about your age. You act like you are in middle school. You get off on this "we talked on Facebook", and "she looked at me". Why not be a man and ask on her a freaking date?

    • Since society has focused on the little things these days, little stuff like the above are critical aren't they?

    • Yes, for people in middle school.

  • 5 mins of talk is nothing and same as fb request...
    if u want to know if she likes u... ask her out and then probabely u will get to know...

    • If she was interested, wouldn't she ask me?

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    • We only spoke for 5 mins because i was with a friend going down for a smoke when i bumped into her she was going back up frm a smoke.. if this helps at all?

    • Bruh ask her out... thats the only option then u will know...

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