How do men manage to get women to date them?

I used to have a morbid fear of rejection all these years (maybe I still do), and I have asked just one woman out in my life and she rejected me (although she tricked me into confessing, just to let me down and get an ego boost).

I don't even bother approaching any-more, because I have a really low self esteem, and a rejection can be catastrophic. And especially, rejection from the opposite gender seems like the worst form of personal insult and humiliation, because it means I am not 'good enough' for that person.

It has actually reached an extent where I regard men who are able to get girlfriends are some sort of 'heroes' with special abilities, and am stuck with the notion that getting a woman to say 'yes' to an offer of a date or relationship is a tougher task than landing on the moon.

Is it really so tough for men to date? I'm talking about the 'average' men here (in terms of looks, money, career etc.), and not some ultra-handsome or filthy rich guy.


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  • They overcome their morbid fear of rejection. They keep asking women out by using different methods and they find out which ones work.
    They also tend to have other passions in life and they develop interests.
    I don't think it's tough for men to date.

    • 'keep asking women out until it works' - There! That's the tough part.

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  • Well a lot of our concept of "dating" in our society I don't really agree with. The reason why I say this is because what it comes down to is people tend to lean towards those with common interests. I'd say don't focus on "dating", but rather figure out what interests you most in life and try to associate with people of similar interests. Sooner or later you'll meet a woman with those common interests. // As for that gal who tricked you, etc, don't worry about her. She sounds evil. LOL...

    • I agree with you,. but even if I come across such a woman, why would she say yes to me? Don't women always have so many options? She may very well choose the guy who looks better than me, is more educated than me or is wealthier than me.

      But thanks for the answer, I appreciate it! :)

    • Well, get to know as many women as possible. Wait for it to fall in place. And don't sweat it out. Enjoy life and the process.

    • Thank you! I have always had this fear that I'll live alone and die alone. And the constant feeling that I'm just not 'good enough' for women to consider as dating/relationship material. I'm struggling REALLY hard to overcome my issues, but nothing seems to be working.

      I keep asking men who have girlfriends, about how they managed to woo her and get her to say 'yes', but I'm not really getting any answers that would help me.

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