Let's bring back the old school dating?

What has happened to us? Now everything that needs to be talked about is done by texting and sometimes rare occasions there's callings. What happened to showing up when you least expect to talk about something? What happened with having face to face conversations. To pursuing the man/woman of your dreams with actions.


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  • Like everything else dating has evolved. But any relationship without actually face to face time is not a real relationship in my mind.

    • You're right, Is really not. All I read and see here is all about messages, like wow!

    • I think most of that is from high schoolers who don't have much experience or freedom to do much else.

  • You know how people say " chivalry is dead and woman killed it." ladies changed everything and now its back to bite them in ass. Not all ladies are put into this category. But it is to whom it applies to. I mean take a look at the feminist movement. gotten to point were it woken up the eyes of other girls. They feel woman want too damn much but don t deserve any of it. Woman want what they can't have. Dont believe me. Why are ladies attracted those light skin tall masculine toned dudes with slender blue or hazel eyes who is confident and caring. Ladies knows he's a player but Waaaaaaaaaaant want waaaaaant him to care about her with good guy qualities. So they get there heart broken then expect other decent dudes to care. No its about being the old dating routine back its about woman learning how be submissive. All i hear is he ain't shit, he better not do that to me, or im not going to let him do that. But yet woman at store putting they hands dudes and he didn't do nothing and can't wait til she get home to settle it. Its Both GENDERS FAULT THIS DAY AND AGE IS MESSED UP. WANT TAKE IT BACK IN THE DAY THEN IT STARTS WITH OURSELVES WHOS COMPLAIN ING IT WAS IN THE. DAYS. Again none of these scenarios apply to all woman or dudes but you get general idea. Like it or hate it.

    • You're right to a certain extend , the only part I don't agree with you is with being submissive. We all know what woman have been through in within all this years and do know that this group now somewhat exaggerate. Like you said is both genders fault an can't argue about that, is just sad how everything has changed

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