Why am I never *the* girl?

This makes me really sad. Guys always cone on really strong with me and pursue me really heavy at first but it seems like all the ones I like lose interest and don't take me seriously.

Like atm I've fallen for this really cool guy and he says he cares about me and wants to be with me but its not a good time yet abd thats crap. He only talks to me or sees me when he feels like it and i feel more like a nuisance than anything lately.

It makes me sad because it's not just him. Its every nice guy i like. The only ones who fall for me are the ones I'm not into who are weird in some way (borderline sociopaths, guys with extreme/bizarre fetishes, etc).

I feel like I'm the girl from the wrong side if the tracks. I get prejudged from the start and no "decent" guy would want anything more than fun with me and its really hurtful and degrading.

How can i make the guys i like feel the way i do about them? I feel like people just think of me as a cheap slut..


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  • There's 2 problems it seems. One: you think people think of you as a cheap slut, which kind of connotes a behavior more than a quality. Why would people think that?

    The other one: you are not getting the guys you like.

    They seem related... as in something you're doing or the way you're doing it benefits the whole "you're a slut" thing and at the same time repels the guys you like.


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