How to know where do I stand in her mind?

Hello, I would really appreciate your help since I'm facing a situation where I do not really know what to do anymore.

There's a girl I've been attracted to two weeks ago, and thus I've asked her out. Unfortunately, she revealed me that she was already taken. So, I'm trying to move on which is not an easy step to do.

The next day, she started to sit next to me in chemistry class, and we started to talk a little and have some conversations.

Three days ago, I had the opportunity to park my car and I saw her parking her aswell so I came to say a casual hi. From there we walked to the cafeteria then she bought a coffee and I sat with her on a table and we've talked.

I don't know if she sees me as a friend, or simply taking advantage of me.

Nevertheless, I've told her that I have a biology exam Wednesday while we were in chemistry class and then she said that it is an easy course that if I want some help to feel free to ask.
Thus, I didn't ask for her help because I do not like to take of her precious time. Then, she texted me if I was fine in this course or I need her for help.

Over the last week, she told me and also noted in my phone's calendar that her birthday is on Wednesday, 23rd December. Since I will see her on 22nd December (which is the last day over here before we enter Christmas holidays) I planned to offer her a gift like chocolate or something not really expensive on 22nd December.

Do you think is it a bad idea to do so?

Your input is essential in the situation I'm going through. I will really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.


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  • Avoid and move on

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I do not know if I'm trying to build a friendship or am I still lying to myself. I'll probably follow your advice and won't offer her a gift at all.

    • Yeah, because you will get into a problem

    • Well you are probsbly right, thanks

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