Guys, I want an opinion from outgoing guys, please?

I am very shy and communicate only with my classmates. Will you talk to me or even date with me?


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  • I love shy girls sometimes because they're so much easier to approach. Unlike those really outgoing ones where they're always surrounded by friends in the centre of the room and whenever you approach them, you have to deal with all their friends, the spotlight and your nerves. With shy girls, it's mainly just the two of you and maybe your friend.

    Shy girls typically are mysterious to an extent and are interesting people. Some really deep conversations can be made as well so as long as i find the shy girl attractive, i would definitely go up to a shy girl and start initiating. That's my first choice.


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  • Some people only communicate with others that they are comfortable with. Getting to know someone is the only way to become comfortable with these people. So the more you can hang out with someone the faster you can either become comfortable with them or decide you don't like them enough to hang out with them.


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