Just a Friendship or something else?

So... this is sort of confusing. I have this friend that lately he has been very but very cuddly and lovable towards me. In a way that people think that we are dating. He lets me keep his jacket, we cuddle some times, he gives me kisses that I don't ask for and hugs, and he teases me a lot.

He he says that I'm a close friend of his. And I just let it slip like "ok, I'm just his close friend." he knew I had feelings for him but I made him think otherwise because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Lately, he has been very close with this girl at school that people think that THEY are dating. They asked me and I said that as far as I knew, they weren't.

Until one day, I was in a classroom with my friends and my best friend busted through the door and said "OMG, He is making out with the girl." I immediately looked at her and asked "he is doing what?" Repeatedly. I sat there quietly and waited about 20 minutes. I stood up and took off his jacket. I walked over to him and threw the jacket at him because I was hurt.

He he followed me to the classroom and tried to talk to me but kept ignoring him. A couple of minutes later, another Friend came in and asked me about the situation and he said "he really does care about you. When he was explaining to me what happened, his eyes got watery and for a guy to cry about a girl who isn't his girlfriend, it really means something. I sometimes think that he has feelings for you but doesn't want to admit it just because he is with her. Give him a chance and talk to him about it. Are you really going to let a strong and close friendship slip through the cracks just because of this?"

He later told me that he thinks that we make a good match. Later the same day, he texted me and I asked him if it was true about him dating the other girl and he said yes.

Everyone has told me, block him, don't talk to him, and stuff except the friend who talked some sense into me. But I honestly don't know what to do. He still texts me everyday.
A couple of days ago, he clarified and said that he is not dating her. He is just getting to know her better.


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  • Well if he is already dating the other woman then you should just accept it and just lead your life until the point he decides he wants to be with you, let him decide that, and till then you should cease contact with him.


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  • he's probably fooling around with this other girl because he wants to experiment, or to make you jealous, and also because he's single after all. you're 'good friends', remember? you said "he knew I had feelings for him but I made him think otherwise because I didn't want to ruin our friendship" - you brought this upon yourself, girl. if you care about the guy, not just as a 'friend', let him know you like him and see what happens. if the 'friendship' ends, well that's a pity but it would have ended anyway if he kept dating other girls, isn't it?


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