Is my date playing games?

I'm seeing someone, and when we text it's really relaxed. I thought it was a good thing that we don't text each other really long texts like most people do when they're dating, it ruins the mystery. Anyway, sometimes when we text I just don't know what to add to the conversation, so I just reply as enthusiatically as possible, but I don't try keep the conversation going because to me that seems forced, seeing as we have only met twice, and I don't like the idea of forcing a conversation and have it go on all day. Usually when I do this I don't receieve a reply, so I assume I will get a text in the next few days or something, but I don't, so I end up sending the opening text, again.

One time they didn't reply, but then tagged me in something on facebook the next day, so I don't think they were pissed off. I realize that it might seem like I am uninterested, but if I am usually the one to send the opening text, then why does it matter that after a while I don't put too much effort into texting? She doesn't either sometimes, like at the start it was always me replying to texts that were just something like "hahahah cool :)" so I thought this was just our style She acts really really into me when we text and meet up, but I'm starting to think that if I wait for her to text me, especially if she thinks im not interested or something, it will just never happen. We have plans for our next date and everything, but I'm starting to think she will never actually bring it up.
I'm wondering if maybe she is just the type of person to kind of "punish" someone for not living up to their standards? Like she's thinking "oh she took a few hours to reply, now I'm never going to text her again" or something. I'm thinking I should just let it fizzle out, because I hate thinking that I'm sending her mixed signals soley based on the fact that I don't send super long (desperate) texts.


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  • Games can be annoying. Iv'e heard lots of opinions on this matter. Like reply the same length or longer they took to reply (ex they took 15 so you take 20) Dont look clingy, desperate etc. At the end of the day if you like her and she likes you then I dont think there is nothing to worry about. If she didn't send the first text. Then she wasent into you anyway

    • thanks for replying :) but yeah she asked me out twice before i said yes, has drunk texted me, said she liked me, so i do think she likes me, but im afraid she is reading too much into whether or not i text her etc.

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