How do I get closer to the guy I like?

I really like this guy and want to be better friends with him. We are in marching band together, and we play the same instrument... he thinks i hate him because I've gotten in multiple arguments over who was better in band. I dont know what to do or what to say! every time i try to talk to him nothing ever comes out of my mouth and i look like and idiot... HELP! He tries to talk to me, but most of the time i act like an ass and ignore him ( and regret it later). He tries to sit next to me and i get so nervous that i start shaking... I dont know what to do :/


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  • well, before i was dating my boyfriend, he was kind of shy to talk or even flirt but i can tell he has feelings for me since he won't stop talking to me. lets be honest, i started to flirt first bcs he was too shy 😂 but anyway, i asked him what makes him to love me so much and he told me that every guy in this world would love it if a girl cares about him. ask how their day was, talks about parents, families, funny moments, just anything! he told me guys loves it when girl talks a lot bcs it's kind of cute. dont be too nervous to talk to him! sharing, asking and caring about him is a great start!

    • and ever since i did all of these above, we are now almost a year dating! ☺️ i hope it goes well for you btw!!

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