Guys, Interrogating VS Getting to know a woman over a period of time?

Is a man who interrogates a woman on a first date/getting the chance to really talk to her for the first time, instead of getting to know her over time, just very confident; needy; dominant; impulsive; or nervous? What do you fellows think?

Examples of questions I've gotten:

•Do you want to get married?
•Do you want to have children?
•What do you want in a man?
•How many serious relationships have you had?
•Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I don't find that it bothers me as much as it would bother men, as I understand why men get upset in a situation like this; it's different for men. I somehow, always get that men do this with me.

I would just like to know the reasons behind WHY men do this? Is it the same reasons why women do it?


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  • Well... I don't know why women do that, but as for guys, it's usually one of two things: Either he has been in relationships that he feels were a waste of time in the past and he doesn't want to make the same mistake again, or he is trying to exude dominance and control in the situation. That second option is also often related to why a lot of men are put off by being asked those same interrogation style questions.
    The reasons exactly why it's one of those two can vary from one person to the next. On the up side, it's also usually a sign that the guy is confident in himself and knows what he's looking for in a relationship.
    I hope that helps. ☺


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