Should I do this? (Please do make fun its stupid and I'm not good at this stuff)?

This might sound or seem really stupid so please do tell me that cause I already know that. Thank you.

So I'm a teen and I like this boy like a lot. He knows I like him. I've been told by friends that he likes me as well. I believe it because of the way he acts around me sometimes. But I found his Instagram. His account is private but I know its him. Now he found out I like him on a Tuesday and I found his Intagram on the following Friday. Right now its Saturday. (I'm not sure if you really need to know that but whatever) so I want to know if I should follow him on Instagram or not.

I know its stupid but I'm the shy type and like I said in the beginning, I'm not good with this kind of things. Any additional advice would really help. Thank you.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Neh, social media is last thing you want get into if you like somebody. I had a girl like me before but social media made her insecurities worse. There 3 girls who talk me and say stuff like love, honey, boo, and etc. they even show at lot of "!!!" And be talking for 30 minutes. When she sees that her jealousy gets best of her. As for you. Please people what I say her I say to all that's reading. If like a guy or girl be prepared to take on the whole package deal. And know what are getting yourself into before fully liking them. If your guy watch porn then don't force him to quit looking at other woman cause you want him to yourself. If the girl loves attention don't be all protective of her forcing to do what you want. So long story short. No expectations, be ready for ups and downs ( when he hurt you you'll be ready) and leave social media alone.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sure, go for it. I mean, why not?


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