Is It Worth The Trouble When She Barely Has Time For Me?

I like this girl that is about an hour away from me. With this long distance the only way we can communicate besides waiting to see each other is through text or calling. We were making great progress until last Friday. She just stopped texting/calling/sleeping on the phone with me for about a week. I finally texted her today asking why has she gone ghost on me & her reasons are having to work so much & school has her drained. I know that is true that’s why I don’t bother her about it. Every time I DO text her she is ALWAYS busy. Either she is working, resting or out with her friend that she hardly sees. We have plans to hang out Jan/Feb but wth the way her days play out i don't know. Today when I texted her she told me she was at a cemetery & I know why. The point is I have nothing but bad timing texting/calling her. Even though I like her this is starting to get aggravating. Do I stick this out & wait for it to get better or do I cut my losses and run? I think if I be more patient & understanding it’ll pay off. What do you think?


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  • Stop texting her. Allow her to initiate. Don't reply immediately.


What Guys Said 1

  • Nope! I went through he same thing last month!
    Everything was great, had fun (she lived half an hr away), and hour isn't that bad.. I've done worse.
    But then she went silent for a week plus, and I got ahold of her.. and had a series of reasons.. and I dropped it.

    Move along!


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