Would you date a 19 year old if ur 33 ?

i'm falling in love with this girl, this woman is soo fun, not the prettiest girl ever but she's so fu nand comfortable to be around. I mean i think if there's anyone i'd ever marry it will be her, she amazing but the thing is, she has 3 kids and well she's married to a guy who i kinda know and have a good relationship his family, their family is family friends so I don't know and the guy has been good but me but his wife is much, much more friendlier than i've actually developed a better relationship with her. maybe when i finish school and get a job should i try to get her?


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  • holy crap no!!! im all good wih age difference but if you're 33 falling for a 19 year old hell no

    • i'm the 19 yr old guy, falling for a 33 yr old though

    • either way. she shouldn't be talking to you adn you shouldn't to her

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  • I think you need to careful about it. If they are a couple that are like swingers or have an open marriage and is absolutely clear about it with you then maybe you have the permission and the go ahead to get that close and develop some kind of relationship with her. Otherwise, like everybody else here pretty much already said, time to move on and look elsewhere, although you could still remain as regular friends, maybe close friends but nothing more.

    And I don't know if her husband is really absolutely ok with it. If he was really jealous and impatient, or perhaps even abusive then you set her wife and potentially yourself up for physical harm and danger.

    • but i won't find anyone else like her like no one but it's ok no everyone needs to get married

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  • If she's in a relationship, stay away dude. It's not cool to break them up so you can be with her. If she was single? The age gap would not be a problem but she isn't so leave her alone, for both your sales.


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  • "she's married to a guy"
    "she has 3 kids"
    "the guy has been good but me but his wife is much, much more friendlier than i've actually developed a better relationship with her"
    "should i try to get her?"

    And she's 19 and you're 33. Bro, you're being a serious homewrecker right now... I honestly wish people like you could be wiped off existence.

    • i think u guys r mistaken i'm 19, she's 33 !!

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    • i guess i'll have to remain single all my life

    • No, there are a lot of single girls... stay away of the married ones who don't want you not because you're bad but because they are married.

      That's besides, what's wrong with being single anyways? Trust me, you're not missing much. I've been in the dating world before and this shit sucks...

  • I would recommend against it. I think you'll just have to find someone else... 🙁


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