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There are two guys that like me at the moment. One I like back. The one I don't like back us very sweet to me and always try to talk to me even though he's very shy, he still manages to have the courage to talk to me. The one that I like never tries to talk to me. Only once or twice. But he doesn't show any signs that he likes me at all. I cry mist of the time because I know that I don't have any chnace with him. Yeah he says that he likes me, but how could I know for sure? Its a very long story. But yeah I always feel very sad thinking about my crush because I don't have any chance to talk to him, no classes, nothing. I have classes with the other guy, and we talk more. Every time we call each other he always says how much I mean to him. I don't know what I should do. Should I give up on the guy I like? Or keep on trying?


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  • Maybe it might be worth trying the other guy, the nicer shy one. He obviously seems to feel way more strongly for you than the other one. Rather than someone you aren't really sure about.

    Be patient if you really need to but at the end of the day follow your heart


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  • you should keep trying to get the things you like, and never settle for less. also because in this case we're talking about human beings with feeling, and not 'things'. just don't give that poor shy guy any false hope if you truly don't like him.

    • Alright, I don't, he knows that I like some one else.

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