Girls, Any girl thinks that she could beat me at wrestling or any other sport?

I´m male 26 years old, 6´1, 183lbs and pretty athletic. Do any of you girls think that she could beat me at any sport she choose? 100$ for you if you can beat me in any sport. (250$ if you can beat me in a wrestling match.


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  • Of course I could! I'd floor you in seconds! I'm a MMA fighter, and no guy could ever beat me. I could counterattack any move you make. Don't underestimate a females ability to kick ya ass

    • I´m sure there is a girl who can. I just never had the chance to mess with a girl who is able to give me at least a little challenge. I would like it if a girl don´t go down in the first minute so you wanna try?

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    • Because you would go down in a few seconds

    • Still think you could win?

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