Guys, First message to a guy on dating website?

What would make a girl stand out? If she message you first on a dating website? I don't wanna sound creepy or desperate! What would you like for her to ask? I wanna make a good impression. Thanks. :)


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  • Just be yourself :)

    • I just don't know how to start a conversation. That will mad him respond.

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    • good luck to you

    • Thank you! :)

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  • literally just saying "hi" or "hey" makes you stand out, a lot of guys never get initiated, they send all the first messages.

    • Is it weird to just ask what movies he likes?

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    • Would it be weird for me to send two messages If he doesn't respond to the first... I mean I'll of course give him time to respond to the first.

    • give it like 30mins- hour and send him another then wait 24hrs. if he still had not replied he probably is not interested and doing the common "rude ignore".

  • Just be yourself and be honest
    If a guy isn't interested then it's his loss

    A relationship has to start in the same place you want it to go so honesty is vital

    • Right... is it weird to just ask what movies he likes

    • Movies games music food

      Fuck even talk about cars and motorbikes that's all the things I like

  • I never get messaged first lmao..

    • Would you want/mind a girl messaging you first?

    • I'd love it! I always message first and rarely get a reply :c Which site are you on?

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