Does anyone else feel like they are going to be single forever?

I love myself and I think I am attractive but shit lol im starting to wonder if im going to be single the rest of my life because i took a break from dating while i was single and im 24 and i have only been in 2 relationships my entire life so its not like im desperate or trying to jump into a relationship just to say im not single

I approach guys but they start acting a fool the more i get to know them and i have talked to (not dated) verbally abusive guys in the past and i have been through a lot of drama with men so im very picky about who i choose to talk to or approach and i have no problem cutting guys off

i just did that recently to a guy who started cutting the fuck up

its always some drama everytime i meet a new guy with the exception of a few guys i have met so i tend to cut guys off early if i see a red flag

im more focused on gettinga job and establishing myself financially but that does not mean i want to remain single for my entire fucking life lol
none of my relationships were long term they both were less than 5 months


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  • Yes, I do. Already single for 2 years.

    • i been single for over 2 years im going on year 3 lol

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  • I just got out of a very shitty relationship, and although right now I don't feel like I will be single forever, there was a time when I did.

    Keep looking, hold your head up, and march on. You will find your love, I have faith in you.

    • im in the market and if i run into a guy i like i talk to him but im overall happy with myself but some of these guys get mad once they discover that some girls dont put up with their bullshit

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  • Maybe get out of your comfort zone and try making friends in new places. You might also be dissatisfied with American culture like I am. Expand your range to other countries, chat with people. They're just a flight away. I met my wife online when we lived 2,500 miles apart. We've been married 20 years. It's damned hard, though. Keep looking until you find someone you're CRAZY about. Never settle. Better to be single than miserable!

    • Thanks but I don't use American culture as a scapegoat. I recently got out of my break from dating and I get approached by men they just are not attractive to me. And my ex boyfriend is American and he treated me good.

  • It's crossed my mind sometimes. I'm older than the asker (but male, so aging should be less of a problem I hope...) but never managed to get a long-term relationship so far.

    Still, I suspect I'll be in a better position a year or so from now, once I finish the PhD and get a proper job again - hopefully somewhere bigger with more people in than here!

    • Why are you speaking of me in third person?

  • The quality of the dating pool today is presented by a majority of carbon cutout low-quality garbage personalities.


    Just keep looking for Mr. Right.

  • You just need to find the right guy.

  • yes I've felt that way for a while , even though I've meet some interesting women , nothing has really lead to anything serious


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