Ex messaged me what I'd get her for Christmas?

She gave me missed call yesterday when I couldn't pick it up, I thought she did it on accident. Now she texted me asking what would be her Christmas gift? Lol We kinda broke up week after my birthday and she did gifted me pretty solid stuff so is it because of that? Or she wanna just have Christmas sex because she's lonely? Lol. Because she had pretty good reason to break up and I didn't thought she'd wanna see me again but after two months she's trying to get close?


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  • Why not just ask her straight up? Like unless she's joking it's pretty rude to ask someone for gifts.

    • She gave me pretty hard stuff on my birthday and we kinda agreed on how I'd gift back but we broke up just week after that lol but I am not really someone she would joke with like this just for a gift.

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    • Then she should have waited until after Christmas to break up.

    • Lmao I'd have waited for another gift too but she's psycho af ha

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  • Maybe she feels she's missing out on something, or it could just be a goodwill gesture who knows but she made contact because you are still on her mind that's clear to see.

    • She clearly deleted my number doe and slapped me when we broke up so don't know about that or maybe it's because she only know few people in town

    • Well if she had no interest in you anymore why bother even contacting you at all, so either way whatever the reason you are still in her mind.

    • Probably because she don't really know much people and now is feeling Christmas lonely lol But whyd she message me after telling me she won't ever wanna see me again and cut it off whole two months.

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