Guys, If you see her everyday at work would you ask her on a date still?

So i am deeply into this guy at work he is kinda new to the job and he genuinly smiles at me all the time and talks to me when he has the chance he even told people that i'm his "girl" or "baby" and we also kissed he's not from America so he doesn't know much English even though it seems like he likes me why doesn't he ask me out on a date? Is it bc he always see me at work? Or he just doesn't like me?


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  • Could be that he's worried about getting fired. Lots of companies don't allow dating among the employees and even when they do, they're leery of it. Causes problems. It can cause problems for you, too.

    Be careful, either way. Me, I would never try to date someone I worked with; it's simply too dangerous for the guy.

    • We don't exactly see eachother bc i work in the back also my boss doesn't care

    • Well, maybe men are more cautious about approaching women where he's from. You might have to take the initiative.

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