Does he want a relationship or does he just want to keep f*cking?

Been talking to this guy for a little over a month. We've only hung out a total of 3 times spread out over 6 weeks (college/work= busy)... We had sex the third time. We call each other cuddle buddies... Which I assumed meant "f*ck buddies" or "friends with benefits."

We're on winter break now so we haven't hung out since then. All we do is text. He texts me every single day early in the morning to late at night, always says "good morning" and "goodnight." We talk about random stuff, joke with each other, sometimes flirt, and he brings up hanging out once we get back for break.

He went on a trip yesterday and he said he wants to bring me back a souvenir that suits me. He texted me all the way up until his cruise departed. Oh and when we hang, he pays for meals and we share drinks.

Question: is he looking for a relationship? Or are these just some grand gestures to keep getting in my pants?

Guys, would you do all this with a girl you're just hooking up with?
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  • Never had a fuck buddy, so I am answering what I think now, not what I have experienced. If the sex was great and that was all I wanted, I might do that to ensure the ex continues to be available. But generally, it is more likely that I would truly be interested in more than just the sex. It wounds to me like he is interested in what you are calling a relationship.


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  • No idea. I think you should have a conversation with him.


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