Girls, 35 years old & still confused?

Sometimes I feel GAG gives me good advice, othertimes I feel the more people reply the more confused I get.

For example, dating women & what can a guy do etc. If you're on here regularly these questions come on daily.

Some girls will say "Be yourself", talk to her, ask questions, spend time with her etc, and then someone will say & these are girls saying this I may add "Dont express your feelings" too soon, "be a challenge" otherwise she'll just see you as a friend or an option.

Crazy, I know everyone is different but some girls say show an interest & then another will say get to know her slowly.

I take on board all the girls advice, yet even you girls suggest different things?

Lol, pfffffffffffffffffft, arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Most Helpful Girl

  • Be yourself but if you are needy then please change that. It's not an attractive quality generally. You need to spend time with a girl, get to know her and everything but don't go around tell her you wanna be in a relationship with her after 2 dates or a week of knowing her. You should have gotten to know her and seen her in a few different situations before wanting a relationship with her. Otherwise she'll think you aren't serious about her or you are looking for a fling.
    That other stuff isn't true, if you are emotionally unavailable or make the impression that you are, a lot of girls will just move on. Being a challenge is silly... If I need to fight for a guy's affection then I'll just forget about him.


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  • Well, me for one, (not to confuse you more, but keep in mind I'm confused af right now!!!) I like slow. Slow is good for me. I'm an introvert and just naturally skeptical of people in general... ugh! Fuck!!! I'm gon take a pin
    Why did it have to be you? Why did I have to fall? Wtf?

  • Because every girl is different and like different things.


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