(Help!! ) How do I stop being jealous when my ex is happy with someone els and moved on?

He pretty much used me, he took me for granted he, pushed me to skip lessons with him, he was an bad example for me, anything he borrowed from me was never given back, anything I gave him as gift broke within 2 days, he was rude when texting, he shamelessly lies to my face, uses the fact that I care against me.

He did not do anything in my favour other than giving me attention and sweet talk, He lies about his past. he manipulates, I Knew he was no good when I fell for him but the I feelings were strong, real strong, stronger then my brains.

Now I'm asking myself how can I move on? and stop feeling hurt and sorry for myself,
I'ts been way too long, when I looked good , I was happy and got offers then he came back into my life,
when pulled me down because he's not taking care of himself he always let other do that for him and he does not do his best to get a good education.

When i'm going to be bizzy and happy again im scared that he comes back into my life makes me care and takes me for granted again to then walk over me leave my life then act like he never needed me

I don't get why I'm jealous he's nothing special and Im better of without him... how do I forget him completely.

How do I forget the feelings I had for him?, How do I stop him when he tries to talk to me about his problems?

How do I stop mentioning him to my friends when the past is brought up?

I've been a fool to believe his truth over mine.


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  • I feel that your problem is currently you have no options. Hang out socialize with people. Once you find someone new you'll get over him. Even if you're not looking for anybody in particular, getting attention from someone else especially if you think he's attractive, will give you butterflies. Just keep your options available. That's how I cope with my guy problems.


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  • You can only being stop jeaolous without careness.. Dont care him anymore past is past. Love will decrease by day by day and one day it will gone completely

  • Give it some time. Don't answer his calls anymore. He will get the hint.

  • This is honestly the best part of being an ex. The moment she hates you for being happy.


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