Guys, How Soon After A First Date Should He Reach Out?

Went on a first date with someone I met online. We had texted every day leading up to it (nothing too extensive). Dinner date went great in my opinon. We had a lot in common and some areas that we didn't, as the norm. Looking back, a couple of topics I kind of kick myself for, although he opened the door, I wish I stayed mum haha. After dinner, we had the option to part, but he suggested we get drinks nearby -- did so. Still great, very flirtatious, but a good guy all around. Perfect gentleman (something you don't get in this day and age). Took his coat off for me to wear when it got to chilly, linked arms with me, walked me to my vehicle, and yes, the first kiss -- that was perfectly great. We stopped and right before I got in my vehicle, we kissed again for a while. He asked that I let him know when I got home safe, which I did and he sent me a good night text with a winkie face -- yeah, okay ha.

I texted the day after (not the next morning, but the day after, if that makes sense) to thank him. He thanked me, said he had a great time. We joked a bit and I told him to enjoy his evening :) Now, my question is: how long after a first date would you reach out? From the sounds of it, do you think I'll hear back? He seems to be a great guy -- I have noticed that he's been on his dating online profile each day, which is normal (obviously, we're not exclusive). Just wondering what any men here would do in such a situation?
Meant to add: date was on Wednesday evening, I followed up with thank you text on Friday afternoon. If that matters, I surely do not know haha


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  • If the date went well, I'd hit the girl up within a few days. Some guys are reluctant to reach out immediately because they don't want to seem anxious.

    • Okay now let me throw in a bone... or two. Topic he brought up that I kick myself for--the ex. I'm 100% over him, but he asked what happened, I explained. Wish I hadn't. Also asked if I was engaged before... which I was and admitted. Asked if that was a deal breaker and he said no. This was during dinner. We carried on and had a great time. I figured if it was truly a deal breaker, he wouldn't have suggested drinks afterward or continue to flirt (in no way did he allude to sex or anything of that nature) and plant two very... in depth.. kisses. At least, I hope not? I hope I'm not over analyzing lol

    • You're not over analyzing. Exes are never good to bring up in a date context, but he asked about it. He assured you that the topic was okay. Additionally, he invited you out afterwards. He knew what he was getting himself into.

      That being said, guys are hesitant to get the ball rolling with a girl who was used to a long-term relationship. We fear what you may expect from us in the future concerning commitment. More particularly, we fear that you may be anxious to hop into commitment again. Therefore, I can imagine this guy trying to take his time with you.

    • Well, that's a relief! He said he's been looking for a female who had the same interests/tastes that he has (very old school.. an old soul as far as entertainment and music etc) and has never found one except me -- I have some very odd and "old people" tastes when it comes to music, how I view relationships etc, so I hope that's good!


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