Confused about relationships.. Could it be jealousy?

Alright, so I am a complete mess right now. I'm trying to work on myself and get 'hot' I guess you could say for not only myself , but so I can feel confident enough to start dating.

I see all these beautiful girls out there, and guys I usually want I always think to myself... Out of all these women to choose from, why the hell would they just want one? I'm in no way bitter towards men but honestly I have been hurt many times. I seem to be the girl they try to use or play with until they find a girl they want to get into a relationship with. I have never been that girl, and its so frustrating. They either have a girlfriend and don't tell me until I find out, or get a girlfriend and leave me hanging.

Could it be because im trying to get my shit together? I get so jealous of girls in loving relationships... I feel like I'll never be that person. I can't imagine someone loving me like that. I want it so bad, it honestly hurts. Lonliness hurts so bad...

I know that, I have to focus on me and my life... But I'm so sick of not having someone around, just to fall for and it be true.

Ever since I was 16 I was going for older guys (19-21) and haven't had any luck finding anything true yet. I would use dating websites because finding people in real life isn't so easy. Could this be why? I need some advice... Maybe you were in my situation... I don't know.


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  • Where do you find these men that you have had a relationship with? Do you think that maybe finding someone not from the usual places is the way to go?

    Finding someone for a long term relationship sounds like something you are searching for, let that be the main reason why you get into a relationship and hope that the other person is honest and genuine about that as you are, if they aren't, move on and find someone who does want that. That would probably eliminate a small percentage of men who just want something casual and potentially find you someone who wants something serious.

    Feeling good about yourself reflects off of you and that shows confidence. A guy is in awe (and is attracted) when you are comfortable with yourself. Maybe work on that too


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