What are the best first messages you have gotten from online dating? What is the best way to get a response?

I am just curious as to how to be succuessful in getting responses from girls in online dating :P


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What Girls Said 1

  • A simple hello how are you? Works usually. Be polite not corny. If you don't recieve a response don't worry there's plenty of other fish in the sea. The manner in which you approach a female via Internet dating such as email is important. It all depends on the type relationship you are seeking. Hopefully that helps a bit. Best of luck to you. :-)

    • What about for a relationship? I thought usually just a "Hello, how are you" doesn't work?

    • It all depends on the girls intent also. In addition to hello, how are you.. you can also try asking about something she mentions as a hobby/interest of hers on her profile. For example, if her profile says she loves travelling you can ask her what are her favorite travel spots? Something to spark a conversation relative to her interests. Which by doing so seperates you from the other messages she recieves. :) Most guys on dating sites send the sleezy kinds of messages. So a message with manners and respect goes a long way.

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  • Best first message: "Your profile was so smart it scared the shit out of me so I'm afraid to even talk to you."

    Best way to get a response: I think it's better if you try to start a conversation, as you would in reality. If you see something in their profile - a piece of info, a picture - that sparks a thought of yours, tell her/him about it. Ask a leading question to get them talking. It also shows you actually read the profile and are interested in that person, and not just the pics. ;)


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