Guys, A man who asks a lot of factual questions on a first date?

When a man basically "interviews" a woman, does it normally mean he's dominant; needy; insecure; impulsive; nervous, or just plain confident? It's kind of strange when men do this, since women are the ones who always end up doing this.


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  • If you feel it's ok for women to do it, then you can't really complain when a man does this.

    I personally feel that this kind of interviewing, which can sometimes seem like 'interrogation', is wrong to do, whether done by the man or woman. It needs to gradually spread overs several dates, when the couple are getting to know each other.

    • Wow, that was quick! Thanks for MHO! :)

    • I agree, it's not right either way. Thank you so much for your opinion. :)

    • You're most welcome! I personally never even bring up factual questions during the first date, and even after that, it's slow and gradual. i never make her feel intimidated.

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  • It's more like he's just being a guy, although perhaps a bit inexperienced. Ultimately, we just want to know the facts, but the older guy knows how to ask these questions in a more subtle fashion so that it doesn't come across like an interview for a job.

    • He IS older... Lol!!!

    • Well, perhaps I should say experienced in the subtleties of communication.

  • Sometimes it's the best conversation we can make.

    When the conversation isn't flowing very organically we might ask questions that come off as interview questions. We may also ask them right away because we don't know how to make an organic connection. We're grasping.

    In order to make a conversation flow, you have to talk about something you're passionate about. It's better to ask your date for an opinion on something you enjoy, or you think you may both enjoy.

    Most these guys just aren't very good at making conversation on a first date.


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