Girls, Have you given an excuse to "Not" give your number to a random guy you approached first and had physical attraction for?

If yes, what was the reason?


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  • This never happened to me per say. Like I would find any reason to talk to the guy I liked. But I would tell him I couldn't give him my number because my phone was off. Which sometimes is true at the time. But it wasn't a problem because I would see him a lot at school and stuff.


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  • Nope. That's stupid. If I like a guy and he asks for my number then obviously I'll give it to him.

    • Thanks :) Why would you approach a random guy first and after a brief conversation when the random dude asks for your number , you give an excuse to "NOT" give it?

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    • have you been in such a situation?

    • No I haven't :)

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