Has anyone ever broken up without even knowing exactly why you did it?

My first long term relationship was 2 years long and we were madly in love. It was just like the movies with her as the damsel in distress and me as the knight who was there to save her. Everyone around us saw us as the perfect couple who would get married one day. But something inside me broke and I lost my attraction to her and felt an overwhelming urge to break up. We discussed what to do and after several painful months I chose what was the only choice at that point which was to stop dragging her through my own internal problem any longer. It sucks because she is the girl that most guys would kill to eventually marry. So I'm the bad guy that dumped the perfect girlfriend and to this day I still don't know why I did it when people ask me. I just felt like it was something that i should do. This unknown reason has made me fear dating now because it might happen again.


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  • Yes it has. The most painful goodbyes are the unsaid or unexplained ones. It's more difficult to move on because it leaves you constantly asking yourself , " why".

  • You have to try and find the reason behind it. Maybe it was her, maybe it was you.


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