Girls, How do you get a girlfriend if you are overweight and nerdy?

I tried working out, but usually don't lose weight. but, have grown muscle. also, I do study in my college classes and hangout with friends.
I prefer to approach nerdy girls, since I work hard and play hard. but, are overweight nerds unattractive (160 lbs)? especially if they are Indian?

and is a car necessary?


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  • No, a car isn't necessary. Nerdy is fine, some girls like that. Losing weight would probably help out a little bit. Being an Indian often limits it sometimes, unless you're in India, so you'd have to go for Indian girls.

    • I live in the US. And I've seen Indians date (and marry) Asians, Whites, and many more. And my school doesn't have Indian girls (the ones that are there usually speak Hindi, which I can't.)

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