Is my online relationship true or should I rethink it?

Classic online dating seen, we messaged, we liked each other and we traded numbers. 6 months later we haven't met, we live in the same town and have spoken or text every day since, many times for hours at a time. She says she's just not ready to meet but we have every aspect of a conventional relationship except the fact we aren't physically together.

We have even established ourselves as a couple, we say I love you before we say goodbye. Am I too patient or am I being played could she really just not be ready to meet? And is there a "normal" time frame that most people end up meeting?


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  • For one, I don't know how you are justifying saying the L word to someone you haven't met in person.

    That's pretty risky.

    As far as when an online couple meets, it depends on the couple and what they are doing. In your case, you should have met a long time ago.

    If it were me, I would push the issue.

    As far as what you're doing, that's something you have to decide for yourself.

    • Thanks for your response.I suppose the strong connection and endless hours of conversation over the months led to the L word. Pushing the issue seems to put us in circles and I worry about coming off strong. I really like her(obviously,L word comes to mind), just struggling with whether I should let things just work or back off and see if she would rather meet than let things go..