Hold on to this girl or move on?

I just started dating a girl. I've gone out with her twice and our best friends are close which is how we got set up. We flirt and text all the time. It's great, I just have a problem with effort given. I know I haven't officially asked this girl to be my girlfriend nor do I think I'm ready for it, but when I pose and interest in someone I show them how I feel to the best of my abilities.
We meaning out best friend and the two of us were supposed to hang out tonight. The girl I'm dating had a work party to go to tonight and said we could meet up later. Our friends ended up saying they couldn't come but I still offered to pick up and hang out with this girl. She never gave me a straight answer and continued to respond to the convo after I asked other questions like, how was the party? Her responses were once every our or so, which I understand is totally fine if she's having a good time at the party. Anyways I stayed up all night thinking she's out and wanting me to come until I finally get a text saying "I'm home Hun" and that she found a bus home all the way from downtown to Mississauga. So here I am waiting for her to message me I'm done or its ok I've got a ride, but I just get that simple text, followed by 'I found a ride luckily' and right after something that wasn't even English. Like she just became drunk or something. Now I could be way overthinking this like usual but the lack of communication is what my ex girlfriend did to me. My ex would ask me to pick her up after she's ready to go home from a party, and I do like that this girl has the initiative to get herself home safely but could I get a simple I took the bus home text so at least I'd know. I ended up calling her to say goodnight but she didn't answer, and now I think I'm Being way to clingy.
Anyways I know this is a mental speed bump for me for me. But I'm not sure if I should continue this dating?


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  • Due to only being out on two dates with her I'd hold on. At the moment you are both still getting to know each other. If the above situation was consistant and you'd been dating her a while then I'd say move on. Neither of you know where each other stands right now. You don't know what to expect from each other. If you like her then I'd give her the benefit of the doubt until you know her more.


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