How to talk to crush/ex?

Met this guy through mutual friends at a club. After weeks of staring at me and asking friends about me, he finally made the first move. He's a bit outgoing with friends, but more shy with me. Our "thing" lasted 2 weeks. It just got awkward socially so we just stopped texting/talking. This was back in summer. Now I bump into him because we go out to the same place every weekend. We sometimes say hi, most often just ignore each other. It's not a rude type of ignoring, it's just as though we were back to strangers who don't acknowledge each other , and it's super awkward.
We went out with a big group of friends, and he was literally right next to me for a while, but neither of us said anything, we just kept to ourselves and danced (not together). I don't want him to think I have something against him, I just literally have NO IDEA what to say.
I'm so comfortable and outgoing with friends, and some random people. But i'm usually shy and bad at convos, so I tend to stick to people I know. But I DO know him, but now it's like back to when we first met and it took him forever to approach me, and we're like strangers. I have nothing to work off of convo wise.

I just want to break the awkward tension. I genuinely want to have a fun friendly conversation. What do I do or say next time he's right there next to me? (he could have stood anywhere, but just stayed next to me, so thats already a good sign)


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  • The same way you talk to anyone else.


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