How to talk to crush?

I had a "thing" with a guy this summer. We met through mutual friends who had to push him to finally make a first move on me. Our thing lasted 2 weeks. It just got socially awkward so we stopped texting/talking. Now we always bump into eachother because we go out to the same place every weekend. Sometimes say hi, but mostly just ignore. It's not a rude type of ignoring, it's just as though we were back to when we first met and it took him forever to approach me, and we're like strangers who don't acknowledge each other, and it's super awkward.
We went out with friends the other night and he was literally right next to me for a while, but neither of us said anything. I don't want him to think I have something against him, I just literally have NO IDEA what to say. And I think same for him.. (he could have stood anywhere, but he just stayed next to me, so thats already a good sign).

We've been ignoring each other for months now, I can't just out of the blue be like "hey whats up?"
I just want to break the awkward tension. I genuinely want to have a fun friendly conversation.


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  • Ask him out lol double date or a date with a bunch of friends.


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