Guys, How does a girl keep a guys attention?

Why is it so hard for me to keep a guys attention? I'm not a complete knockout but I'm always nice and friendly. I never reject people and I always give everyone a chance. Guys sometimes text me for a few days but they get bored really quickly. How does a girl keep things interesting?


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  • First do not be nice, be playfully mean, being a sweat heart will get you nowhere. Next Invite them on a date without actually calling it a date, I. E. say you got tickets to a movie and your friend bailed on you, guys love being asked to do things. If you really like the guy, make friends with his friends then they will talk about you and cause him to think about you. Most importantly stop texting and call him, Skype works even better, texting gets boring because you are just another number in the long list of contacts so by calling him you set yourself apart. Also it totally depends on the types of guys your attracted too, try finding a modest looking dude surrounded by friends that is easy to talk too they tend to actually care about you and stick around the longest.


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  • If she's not a generic, materialistic, dumb bitch like most other women- she will stand out and be more than just a fuck.


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