What should I do? Should I text her?

There is this girl I am interested in at my university. We met a couple weeks ago and have hung out about three times since then. She is a really cool girl and I am definitely interested in her. We have each other's numbers. Anyways, we are on Winter break now and we have two more weeks left before starting school again. I texted her last week on a Saturday night and asked how her finals went and we ended up having a great conversation that lasted until Sunday night. For some reason, she stopped replying after Sunday night. I recommended a song that I really like, and she told me she would listen to it when she had time. The last text I sent was that I hoped she enjoys it. It's Sunday again (exactly one week later) and she still hasn't replied to me. Now, her previous texts were really intricate and she seemed interested in the conversation. Maybe she hasn't listened to the song yet and is waiting to listen to it and then reply? But it's already been a week. She's bound to have listened to it by now, right? Maybe she forgot to text me back after she listened to the song? I don't know. The last text ended with me, so I don't want to text her again because I don't want to seem pushy or desparate. I'm always the one initiating the conversations, but she always seems interested. And when we hang out in person (which is impossible right now because it's Winter break) she seems really interested and talkative. Why do you think she hasn't responded yet?
So should I wait until she texts me back or text her?
Please help...


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  • Hey man, if she's interested she will text you first

    I learned that the hard way


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