Girl couldn't make a date she invited me to but kept messaging me about not being able to make it?

Why would she do this? What's the point if she already told me she can't make it?


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  • She's just feeling apologetic. Maybe it's the first time she invited someone out and couldn't make it.

    • Well she never actually said sorry, where as the first time she couldn't get back to me she did apologize

What Guys Said 2

  • testing in my opinion

    • What do you mean testing?

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    • Ok well after a few exchanges I felt the conversation wasn't really going anywhere. As in she wasn't asking questions or offering a new time so I just stopped responding. Was this the best way to go about it?

    • yeah.. as long as you didn't feed her ego your good to go my friend. she probs isn't responding as you ain't biting the bait so to speak

  • Feels bad about it, and wants to make sure you got the message? Is actually interested?

    • Well she never actually said sorry or offered an alternative time

    • Nice.

      Are you going to suggest an alternate time? Or ask her for one?

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