I miss my crush. Should I talk with him after all this?

He was in my school last year. We r both in different colleges now. I really miss talking to him. I gave him many signals dat i liked him but he always showed me that i m his friend.
he has everything that i want in a guy. Good looks, emotional understanding, intelligence, and he was also interested in me in the beginning of our friendship. But then i guess wid tym he lost interest. And i used to approach him first always. I used to continue our talks. He would generally reply in one word only. But he never disrespected me. I understood and left him alone.
But then why do i miss him so much now? Is it just a phase in moving on? Or should i contact him again on social media after 4 months of zero contact?
  • its just a phase while moving on
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  • i should contact him, maybe there is a chance for us
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  • i can contact him but there is not a chance for us to be together.
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  • Maybe he didn't respond so much because you spell "that" with a d. And time as tym. And with as wid. Unattractive!

    • Its just easy to type THAT way.

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