Is it really that bad to get even with someone that played you to the point of making them cry?

The last straw for me was finding out someone was dating me because of a dare so he can get what he wants and then leave (let's call him X). He tried to fixed with his apologies. This happened 2 years ago and I promised to get even with X, the two guys that were on the dare and then his young 18 year-old brother (though he was not part of it, it's unfortunate that he's his brother and they both look similar).

Long ago story, I planned my revenge with my best friend. It went well enough to make X cry. Then I heard from someone else he's was seen drinking, whatever (good). We took care of the other two and (made their relationships end) now his brother is next.

Apparently one of our friends won't talk to us and keeps thinking we're just the same as worse as them. I think it's funny when you get even with someone that played you and see them miserable.
I'm just sick of being the victim of getting made fun of, cheated or used so for once it feels good when you're in control.


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  • Bad is relative. How bad is it? It's not good. Two wrongs don't make a right. Be the bigger person. blah blah blah. I could say platitudes forever. You're not in the right for getting revenge. But then again I'm not saying it isn't horrible.

    Go forth and sin no more.

    • I know but after getting bullied during my school years (all the way till 8th grade), getting cheated on and even getting betrayed by a family member I was at a boiling point by then. Hence why that was the last straw.

      While were happy to see those 3 guys miserable, we're kinda of unsure about the brother. I know he had nothing to do with it but he looks similar to the jerk and it's his brother.

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  • I honestly just think its a waste of time, I understand you were hurt but to get revenge is really immature. I would just leave it, and move on with your life, why are you letting this dark cloud follow you after the fact. I don't think its funny to get even and to make someone else hurt like you were hurt because it makes you worse than them.


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  • "This happened 2 years ago"... bitches be cray

    • When that happened, that was really the last straw for me. Before that I had been bullied in school all the way till 8th grade, got cheated on and betrayed by a family member. Then when I was finally getting over that, moving on with life, thinking finally someone that cares about me... I had to have that happened.

      So yes I obviously wasn't the same anymore. But I'll stop once we get even on the brother. Though I know he had nothing to do with it, he still looks similar to the jerk and it's his brother.

    • cool story. to actively hold a grudge for 2 years and act on it in that time sounds extremely creepy, boarderline stalkerish. also, what could you have possibly done to make a dude cry? the dude sounds bitchmade.

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  • Moving on with your life and gaining bigger success is the best revenge there is. Never let someone get you to that point of wasting your time to make someone miserable. Karma always gets back!


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