Was he just not that interested (conversation below)?

-This all took pace on a datin site (Plenty of Fish)-
I clicked on his page.
*He favorites my profile.
He messaged me...
Him: You look so much like your mom with dark hair (referring to my pic).
Me: Thank you :).
Him: You are very welcome :)

*His last message doesn't leave me any room to reply, he didn't initiate a conversation on a different topic etc.


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  • He thinks you were her mom and was jus checking

    • No, I have 3 different selfies (two with mom and one alone; the one alone is my main pic)

    • 1) He never looked at other pics and freaked out at your default cos u looked like his mom 2) you weren't hot enough to him to do the counter dodge trick

    • Well that sucks

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