How likely is for a single woman to date a guy with the same age like her son's?

I need more opinions :D


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  • As far as the likelihood of it is concerned, I can not really give you any stats on this (like from peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles). However, I think I know where you might be going with this. Are you perhaps talking to a woman who is old enough to be your mom, and there is a vibe going on?

    Trust me; it can happen. It happened to me. When I was 27, I dated (and had a damn good time with) a woman who was 45. Believe me, it was really good. If that is where you are, go for it. Let me say that again: go for it!

    • She is a single parent with a son. Sorry if I forgot to mention that. She is much older than me but this difference is not necessarily considered as the age gap between a mom and son. How was it as an experience for you and how did you approach her? :)

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    • As far as her knowing your parents goes, it depends on how grudge-bearing your parents are. If your parents would give you a hard time for years on end if they were to find out about this woman, then I would not pursue her. Just find someone else. But if your parents would probably just have a fit and get over it pretty quick, go for it.

      As far as approaching her goes, I do not recommend asking her if she likes you. And, I would not take too many small steps. Instead, you should tell her that the attention she gives you means a lot to you and that you would like to know her better. That way, it is obvious to her that you like her. If she says anything about being too old for you, just say that you feel you are mature enough to relate to her. After all, you could tell her that your conversations with her have been great (hopefully they have).

    • Hmm I understand what you say.
      However to be honest, I wouldn't mind not to keep it secret but society and stereotypes could be an issue. People would judge me and her for sure and of course I don't want to cause any problem to her family relationships. So that's why I think it should stay between me and her in case something happens. I don't know what to do mate, life's too short to hesitate though.
      I just want to thank you for all the help and time you have dedicated to me!!

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  • Depends on the women

  • K grosssssssssssssssss

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    • Not being in love*

    • I suppose so

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