How do I recapture a guy's attention after our dates seemed to have fizzled out?

So, I began dating a guy from work and it was good for a few weeks, but then we slept together and I think I started to let myself feel too much. I really liked him and I would always ask him to hang out and do things. Most of the time he would say yes, but, all of the sudden, it seems to have stopped. I decided to back away this weekend and not ask him to do anything.

My question is: how do I recapture his attention? Is it too late? Did I come on too strong? Should I just give up and move on?

I just wish I could start over and not come on so strong, so quickly!


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  • I think you came on too strong by sleeping with him. You gave him the goodies before he can show you whether or not he's even worth your time. Seems to me that now that he has got what he has wanted from you he no longer wants to be around you. It would be best if you were to learn from this and leave him alone.