Why Don't Other Guys Ever Realize There's Other Fish in the Sea?

-If she doesn't want to have sex with you and you want to have sex with her even if the reason is she isn't ready yet, dump her.

-If she likes to go out without telling you where she's going even when you honestly only ask because you want to know she's safe and that bothers you, dump her

-If it's been 6 months to a year and she'd rather spend all her free time with her family instead of you and that bothers you, dump her

-If you are the type of guy that likes to text a girl everyday and she says you're being too needy and need to space it out, dump her

-If she has a guy friend who makes you feel uncomfortable and you've talked to her about it and she says well she's not going to stop being close with him, going over to his house and hanging out with him and telling you she'll call you later since she's hanging out with him and you honestly in your heart feel that you have a right to be jealous/hurt/paranoid, dump her.

I'm tired of all these ******** girls making guys feel like wusses or too emotional so that they can get away with acting like *******. Trust me I'm not venting from some girl. I haven't had a serious relationship in a bit but I can't stand what I'm seeing all around me on this site and with friends who tell me about it. IF SHE'S BEING A ****** GUESS WHAT YOU CAN GET DUMP HER AND MEET A GIRL WHO ISN'T A ****** Stop glorifying cruel spirited girls. They deserve to be alone or at least they don't deserve you. So be a man and dump her. Jesus.


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  • A very blunt way of saying. Don't put women up on a pedestal. Theyre human just like you are human. Not an angel from the heavens. So respect yourself enough to commit to what you will and will not accept.

    Agreed sir. *raises drink to you*


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  • The older I get, I more and more I realize that there are many, many, MANY women out there! I don't sweat it if one's interest drops off or if she isn't interested.

    The sea is plentiful. :)

  • Because they went to the ocean and got one scoop of water, got disappointed and gave up because there wasn't any fish in it.

  • Great post. I'll bookmark this for future use.


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