Would girls care if I'm poor?

Like if I start dating and we go out to eat. I dont want to pay for her because Im dirt poor. Like I will pay for my food, but I would want her to pay for herself. Is that too much to ask or will it be ok?
  • Yes thats fine, but I'd be worried that you were poor
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  • No! I ain't paying shit dude
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  • Im a gold digger
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  • Maybe occasionally, but please try to pay sometimes
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  • I knew a guy and we always took turns paying. It was always a fun time too


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  • More woman than you think would not care. It's not necessarily where you are but where you are going.

    • oh yeah. i heard that before. thanks for reminding me of that cool statement.

    • Just stay ambitious in life and have goals. Working smart and working hard is sexy to a woman but you can be getting good grades as well or a combination of both.

    • Thanks, good luck and keep me updated if you can.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I voted A because it's closer to what I feel. But I wouldn't be worried if you were poor. I'm poor my damn self lol

    I made more money than my first ex. And my second ex would go from job to job.
    They were both kinda "proud" types and felt bad if I paid the bill or even split it.
    But I've always felt whoever made the date/invites is the one who is responsible paying. The other person should offer to pay, but ultimately it's up to the one who invited.

  • I don't get why guys always label woman as gold digger. Each woman is different I honestly believe that money is not that fucking important and shouldn't play a role when you like someone to be with you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Be upfront and ask her if she doesn't mind going dutch since you can't afford it. Maybe a home cooked meal from you unless your still living at home?


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