How many guys have some amount of fat on their chest?

Obviously everyone has some fat cells there, but I mean how many guys have enough fat there that it can be felt under the skin above the muscle?
  • Just the fat ones.
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  • That ones and a few healthy guys.
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  • Many healthy guys have that too.
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  • Fairly normal.
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Any other opinions?

Any moderately healthy guys with this?

Any observations from sexually active girls?
Any other opinions?


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  • its normal to have fat over your pectoral muscles. It's actually better to have a film of fat over your body. It adds a barrier to the person from the elements and from physical blows. If you don't eat in awhile the fat would be consumed and leave your muscles alone. Somewhat

    • What about enough fat to pinch though, rather than just a really thin layer?

    • yeah

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  • When I don't train.. I get a flabby chest. It's not gyno.. I just store body fat there.

  • I have enough how to grab and I'm pretty healthy according to my GP.

  • A skinny healthy guy won't have moobs unless he has high estrogen levels
    For the fat people, it varies some people will never have moobs because genetically they are meant to store fat in other areas, belly, butt, legs etc


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