Is this normal communications or are we lacking Somewhere her guys?

We been dating for 1yr and half. When we meet up We talk about our day, a little about our future and if anything traumatic happend like if people have past in his family he has cried to me and opened up. He was so close to his gma. He brings her up once in a blue& talks to me about her.
But we sometimes don't talk or don't have anything to talk about when we round the house 4the day or when we text.
When we text we just talk about our day and then there isn't anything to texted about after an hour.
I think HE thinks we have a good connection. But I think we are lacking only b/c I get bored and we don't have constant convo around each other.

I see couples that are constantly laughing and smiling and talking. How are you guys in a relationship after a year? Is it fun and laughter a lot of the time?
Do you guys run out of things to talk about?
is it b/c we r around one another so much?
Normal or not normal?


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  • What's normal for one couple could be weird for another. As long as it feels good, don't worry too much about it.


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