I've been single for a little over a year now and I think I can't get back into dating can u get some help?

I tried to form a relationship with 2 girls over the course of me being single. But i feel as if im not wanted and I dont know what I am doing wrong. The last girl i tried go form a relationship with rejected me and i put too much into her so i feel i lost it all. And i hate walking around all my friends 3rd wheeling cuz i have nobody. I dont know if i need motivation or guts to get what I'm shooting for but right now i feel alone. People always say they love me (family) but family love is different from a intimate love with 1 ogher special person. Any help i can get would be great thanks g@g community


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  • See what you fail to realize is that not all girls are the same. However for me I would see that this guy is going out of his way to help me and eventually that would turn me on to him and yeah If its like you said it happen I would want a relationship out of it


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