Why doesn't god help me with finding love?

They say god is this shining beacon but whenever i need him he's not there for me by the way im Christian. And I've been trying to find love but everytime I think im at the top he just kicks me off I've went through a lot of things to get things very simple and its not like he's even there trying to help me. I always thought he could help me find love and I've waited it out for a year but still no results could anyone explain why god does some harsh things to us (humanity).


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  • God had an answer for everything. But sometimes his answer is no or not right now.


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  • As an atheist I believe the correct response is: Gods ways are unknown to men. He is testing you son. Just endure and be good and... actually be happy that he is not tempting you with any carnal sinful sex or alike. You lucky, lucky person.

    With proper luck you'll remain single until you marry and then only consummate for the purpose of children! Oh such bliss!


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  • Which god do you want you to help?
    Here, pick your choice:
    (click twice on it)
    (that list is almost certainly incomplete because it relates only to gods whose believers could write. A minority thus.)
    Pay attention to pick 'the right ones' in that list: they're all jealous. If you err you'll suffer or eternity in EACH hell of EACH of them. That makes for many sufferings.

    But in my opinion you should find a girl yourself. IF gods existed, they'd have other things at hand than playing match maker.

  • Welcome to the real world dude.


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